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Welcome to the unofficial web site of Hebar Football Club-Pazardjik-Bulgaria

The club was established on 31 of May 1918 as Botev FC. It participated in the city championship along with other teams from the city of Pazardjik from 1923 until 1941. There were several teams in the city at the time which frequently merged with one-another. However, the main teams that remained the longest time in the city league were:

Levski FC-from the southern part of Pazardjik, Slavia FC-from the eastern part, Benkovski FC from the northern part and Botev FC as the main team of the city-the strongest and most powerful team at the time. Botev won the city championship more than 20 times and in 1926 and in 1935 participated in the state championship and reached semi- final for the King's Cup. After the war the four major teams united into two: Spartacus and September. Botev merged with Spartacus. This was from 1945 until 1947, when all the teams merged in one: Chavdar. This lasted one year only and then there were Spartacus and September once again. In 1949 the state decided, that football should be played on professional manner and from the workers of different fields of industry and services. All over the country there were from 5 to 7 teams in each city in the city or state championship. In Pazardjik these were: Cherveno zname or Red Flag-the ancestor of Botev, Dynamo-the ancestor of Levski, September, Torpedo, Stroitel-the team of the builders, Locomotive-the team of the railroad workers and the army team DNA. This system went on until 1957, when the strongest teams Cherveno zname and Dynamo, who participated in the Second division, changed their names to Benkovski and Levski. In 1959 those teams united into Botev once again - which remained the only team in the city of Pazardjik. Their second team played in the lower divisions. In 1970 the name of the club was changed to Maritsa-after the name of the river, running through the city. Only three years later the name was changed once again to Benkovski. The final name was chosen in 1979: Hebar-the old Thracian name of the river Maritsa. This is the name that the club has borne for 25 years now. Under this name came the biggest success in the history of the club: participation in the premiership of Bulgaria in 1989/1990, 1991/1992 and 2000/2001.The club has also played 32 seasons in the second division. The team has very devoted supporters, known as the "gravediggers". After two years in Western Second division now Hebar is is participating in the South-Western third division.

Anyone is welcomed to write and ask more questions about the club or sponsorship. Please write an e-mail to info@hebarfc.com

Team info:
Name: Hebar Football Club-Pazardjik-Bulgaria
Established: 31.08.1918
Home kit: green
Away kit: white
Stadium: Georgi Benkovski-15 000 (12 000 seats) capacity
President: Borislav Daskalov
Executive Director: Nikola Fotev
Coach: Nikola Fotev
Press Officer: Dimitar Komsiiski
Contact details:
Address: Pazardjik 4400
200 Georgi Benkovski Boulevard
"Georgi Benkovski" stadium
Tel/Fax: 00359 34 44 21 12
E-mail: info@hebarfc.com
Web: www.hebarfc.com